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                                         Information for your Chevy small block fuel injection system-

                   TPI swapping into an older vehicle. Click here to start 

                             Also information for LT1 and the LSx-Gen III  engines 

When I started this website over ten years ago, the main emphasis at that time was on the TPI based engines (1985-1992). In that time since, the LT1/LT4 (1992-97) engines came and went and the LS1 based engines were still in their infancy. I have learned a lot in that ten years and hoped to be able to include information that would be of value to my reader. Although far from being complete, the basic information should be used as tools to further enhance the readers understanding of basic components and their function. 

As good as the TPI and LT1 engines were, they were quickly eclipsed by the newer generation of small block known as the LS1, as the technology grew by leaps and bounds. This new class of engine, also known as the Gen III, superior in many ways, has now become the favorite for swaps and will continue to be so well into the foreseeable future.

I will continue to update this information as well as keeping the older TPI pages intact. Enjoy! 

Cross-Fire, TPI,  LT1 Information

Suggested reading (TPI Books and More)

TPI Troubleshooting Flowchart Link  NOTE: These codes are basically the same for TBI, LT1 OBD I (1982-1995).

1986-1992    TPI ECM Pin-outs      

Distributor Gear Applications-Important Reading      

TPI Do It Yourself Information Page                                              

1986-92 TPI Vacuum Line Diagrams                              

Chevrolet TBI General information  

Chevrolet CPI 1992-2004-4.3, 5.0. 5.7L Vortec                                      

Chevrolet LT1 general information     

General Engine and Performance     

Cross Fire Injection System            NEW!! Prom BCC's for the 1982-84 CFI

ECM Components and Component Functions- Basic information on ecm and sensor functions. 

Ignition Systems- HEI and EST ignition-electronic spark control (ESC)



                                      ECM Schematics:1985-95 TBI, TPI and LT1


 1226870 (1985 F&Y BODY)        1227165 - 16198259 - 16198445 (1986-89 F&Y body V8 TPI)   

 1227727 - 16197128 - 16198260  (1990-91Y body V8 TPI)    1227730 - 16196344 - 16198262  (1990-92 F body V8 TPI) 

   1228746   (1989-92 F & B Cars, LO3 & LO5 TBI V8).   1227747 (1987-91 C/K Truck, Van, 4.3L, 5.7L, 5.0L & 7.4L)

16136965 (1991-93 Caprice, Roadmaster  L03 & L05 TBI V8)         16159278 (1993 F body LT1, 1992-93 Y body LT1)

  16181333 or 16188051 (1994-5 F, Y & B body LT1)     16214399 (1996)  16242921 (1997)  (F, Y and B body LT1)

   Prom BCC codes- TPI   1985    1986    1987    1988   1989    1990    1991    1992    

   Prom BCC codes-LT1    1992   1993  only. 1994-97 are non-removable flash proms


                            Basic Component information for the LS1/GEN III  engines!    

The Gen III engine family has become the fastest growing swap, in part to the simplicity of the design, and the unlimited performance potential these power plants offer. The information here mainly covers the early engines from 1997 through 2006.  This is includes the LS1/LS6 5.7L, and the Vortec truck family of 4.8, 5.3, and 6.0L displacement. Does not cover LS2,LS3,  LS7, LS9 or any other derivative of the later Gen IV or V engines.  


1997-98  LS1 PCM pinouts      1997-98 LS1 PCM Schematics     PCM Service  # 16238212

1999-2002 LS1 PCM pinouts: F body (Corvette similar).   

1999-2002 LS1 PCM schematics  PCM Service #'s 9354896/12200411

1999 Vortec V8 (4.8/5.3/6.0L) PCM pinouts  (2000-2003 w/o DBW similar)

1999-2003 Vortec V8 PCM schematics  service #  9354896/12200411

1999-2003 Corvette PCM pinouts.

1999-2003 Corvette PCM Schematics

2004 Pontiac GTO LS1 PCM pinouts

2005-06 Vortec 5.3L PCM pinouts (4.8 & 6.0 similar).

2005-06 Vortec 5.3L PCM schematics (4.8 & 6.0 similar).

  Cylinder head and engine component ID's

PCM identification by year (1997-2007)

Cruise Control Diagrams and Information ( non Drive by Wire).

 Drive By Wire Systems 

DTC code identification courtesy of

                  GEN IV Engines, Basic Component Information, Engine Controls. 

 GM upped the ante by introducing the Gen IV engine starting in 2005, with revised intake design, freer flowing cylinder heads and a host of internal improvements to the already popular design. The truck engines followed in 2007 with the same changes. All use an updated engine controller, with a separate transmission controller. All are drive by wire.

  Engine Family Identification

  PCM Identification by year 2006 +

  2005 Corvette LS2 PCM schematics

  2006 GTO LS2 PCM schematics

  2007 Corvette LS2 PCM schematics

 2007 Chevy Truck 5.3L PCM schematics (4.8 & 6.0L similar)





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