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                                                               VACUUM LINE DIAGRAMS

This page shows the most common vacuum line diagrams for stock TPI setups:

The diagram above is for 1985-1986 5.0L  F-body (Camaro/Firebird) MAF TPI

1985 2.8L V6 MFI  Camaro-Firebird Vacuum Line Diagram

1985 Corvette 5.7L TPI Vacuum Diagram

1986-89 2.8L V6 MFI Camaro-Firebird Vacuum Line Diagram

1986-1989 5.0 and 5.&L TPI Vacuum Line Diagram


1988-92 5.0L TBI Camaro-Firebird Vacuum Line Diagram. Manual trans

1988-92 5.0L TBI Camaro-Firebird Vacuum Line Diagram. Auto. trans

1990-91 Corvette 5.7L Vacuum Line Diagram

This diagram is for 1990-92 F-body (Camaro/Firebird) Speed density TPI

1990-92 3.1L V6 MFI Camaro-Firebird Vacuum Diagrams



Above picture shows some of the various vacuum lines and fittings you'll need to complete your set up. This is not all of them, but gives a good idea what may have to be done, especially if you decide to use anything but the stock valve covers.

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