Suggested reading material:



If you are just learning or just need a manual on your vehicle: The automotive manuals for your make of vehicle published by Haynes is an excellent source of information

If you have a Camaro 1967 through 1981:  "Camaro Restoration Handbook" by Tom Currao and Ron Sessions is an excellent resource book and restoring and maintaining your second generation Camaro.

If you need information on basic Chevy small block V8 rebuilding:  "How to Rebuild Your Small Block Chevy" by David Vizard is an great source of rebuilding information for the beginner and a good reference for experience mechanics as well.

Information on small block V8 Chevy's can be found in the "Chevrolet Small Block Interchange Manual" by David Lewis. This book is an excellent resource for interchange possibilities between blocks, heads, cranks etc, that can save you a lot of time and money.

"Engine Blueprinting" by Rick Voegelin is the perfect guide for the more experience mechanic when it comes to balancing and blueprinting tips for street or strip.

These books are highly suggested for understanding basic fuel injection controls and systems:

"Fuel Injection Manual" published by Haynes is a guide to basic sensor controls, ecm's, how fuel injection works. Not only does it have information on Chevrolet fuel injection but also has basic information for other domestic and import models as well.

"Automotive Emission Controls" published by Haynes is also a good resource for all emission control devices used on domestic and imports.

"Chevy TPI Fuel Injection Swapper's Guide" by John Baechtel is great beginners resource book for basic swap, interchange and troubleshooting. This book is highly recommended.

"How to Repair and Modify Chevrolet Fuel Injection" by Ben Watson is a excellent and recommended book not only on basic tpi information. It goes into great detail as far as how different systems function, basic electrical tutorial, and performance modification tips. It not only covers V8 tpi systems, but also for tbi systems, 4, 6 and 8 cylinder applications. This book is not only recommended for beginners, but great for a hands on guide for more experience person.

For more advance fuel injection readers is the book, "Fuel Injection- Installation, Performance Tuning and Modifications" by Jeff Hartman. This book is greatly detailed in theory and operation of fuel injection. It has a chapter on Chevrolet TPI, but is more focused on swapping and tuning various different manufacturer of fuel injection such as Accel, DFI, Holley, just to name a few.

Consider these two books a minimum of what you need to understand Chevrolet TPI. You can't go wrong with them.

Another book I very highly recommend is put out by a company called "Jags that run" ( "Chevrolet TPI & TBI Engine Swapping".

It contains a wealth of knowledge of swapping a tpi engine that is not included in my site, including air intake plumbing, cooling system modifications and the VSS (vehicle speed sensor). The purchase of this book is money well spent. I even learned a thing or two!

"Corvette Fuel Injection" by Charles O. Probst is a wealth of knowledge of all the fuel injection systems from the 1982 Cross Fire to the 2001 LS6. Although geared towards the Corvette owner and there is some minor differences between the "F" and "Y" body cars, the same information can be applied for all. From the introduction through the diagnostics and tuning, this book is a stunning revelation of the author's  knowledge of fuel injection systems. Just reading the memorial to the author who passed away in 2000 gives you the insight of the mans background. The book is well, well worth the $35.00 to spend, you'll save that many times over in the knowledge you'll gain in doing your own diagnostics and repairs, especially if you drive a LT1 and later equipped vehicle.  I cant say enough praise for this well written manual.              


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