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The air cleaner assembly presents another challenge. There are some choices to make depending on the type of system you used. TPI mass air flow or speed density. The speed density is easier as you can put a aftermarket filter on the throttle body, or you can plumb it to outside air similar to what I did but without MAF sensor.  If you decide to use a MAF system, you'll have to reconfigure how your upper radiator hose ties into the intake to the radiator. Let's take a look on the different ways to route your intake air assembly and how it affects how you plumb in your upper radiator hose:

Mass Air Flow, Camaro Requires use of a thermostat housing from a 4.3L V6, and a spacer plate so hose will clear valve cover. Use radiator hose made for a mid 80's FWD 4.1L V8 Cadillac, use electric fan Use a air cleaner canister from a tpi Firebird or similar. Need to fabricate bracket to mount, a hole needs to be cut in fender well to feed outside air.
Mass Air Flow, Firebird You can use the stock thermostat housing and radiator hose. No special mods. Use electric fan Use the stock air cleaner assembly from a tpi firebird. If you mount on r/s, a battery relocation tray is available to make the swap from GM. Requires use of stock firebird harness or modified Camaro harness if using purge solenoid. If local emission laws require full compliance.
Speed Density, air cleaner on throttle body You can use the stock thermostat housing and radiator hose. You can also use stock mech. radiator fan, if desired. Uses air cleaner mounted on throttle body. If performance is a consideration, it will suffer as air is pulled in from engine compartment.
Speed Density, plumbed outside engine compartment Depends on the side of the vehicle you are mounting the air cleaner on. See either MAF Camaro or Firebird. Air cleaner mods again depend on the side of the vehicle. See either MAF Camaro or Firebird.



The first picture shows the air intake assembly from the canister to the throttle body. The air duct was fabricated from a Firebird TPI air cleaner. I had to cut a couple of inches off the air cleaner side to fit my Camaro from throttle body to air cleaner. Many GM FWD applications, especially Buick and Oldsmobile which uses the 3.0, 3.3 and 3.8 engines may have the canister and duct work , that modified, will work.


This picture shows the location of the bracket I had to fabricate. I used the mounting bolt that goes to the power steering box to mount it. Down in this page is the dimensions to make one for a 2nd gen. Camaro.


This pic. shows the dimensions used to cut a hole in the left side fender well to feed the air into air cleaner. This by using Firebird TPI air cleaner canister mounted on the air cleaner bracket.  


Above shows the inlet air duct.  I  used  just a screen and deflector to keep water from entering the air cleaner. This particular one is from a Pontiac Fiero.

This picture shows the final installation of air cleaner.                                                                                                       

Below are the dimensions  for bracket fabrication:                      




The picture above shows the fabricated spacer for the thermostat housing, The thermostat housing came off a 4.3L V6 RWD GM, the spacer was made from a similar housing. This was done because I had to clear the valve cover AND I am using a MAF system with the modified air cleaner that mounts on the driver side. The radiator hose is for a mid 80's FWD Cadillac 4.1L V8 vehicle.


Not shown in picture above is the radiator hose support bracket that mounts to the alternator bracket and supports the hose by keeping it off the valve cover and rubbing a hole in it due to vibration.

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