Since its inception in 1985, The Tuned Port Fuel Injection system has captured  the imagination of performance enthusiasts. With its sleek low profile, high tech styling, powerful torque and unlimited hop up capability, it is no wonder, over twenty-five  years later, it has remained one of the most popular swaps. Although there are many books and articles written on technical aspects and basic swap information, there is very little in the way of what has been published in those "nickel and dime" details that could either make or break your enthusiasm in installing a TPI in a non-TPI vehicle. I hope the information here will help guide you in making your TPI swap a successful one.

I developed this website in helping both the professional and novice alike in the ambitious endeavor of installing a Chevrolet V8  TPI  (Tuned Port Injection) in their Camaro or other Chevrolet vehicle or even in another nameplate!

I have included what you may expect when installing either a complete power train from a donor vehicle or a swap meet compilation. I hope in what I have included here will save you many hours, days or even weeks of frustration in trying to fabricate or locate parts that which will may be under your nose!

My introduction to TPI began when in  the fall of 1995 I decided to swap my  1982 Buick Skylark 2.8LV6 from carburetion to Multiport Fuel Injection found on some of the 1985-86 GM "A" and "X" bodies. After several weeks of sorting through the electrical schematics, and mechanical hurdles, this motor fired up under fuel injection for the first time on April 6, 1996 on a engine at that time had over 133K miles on the clock. 

Even though my Camaro is the focus of my website, it is important to know that this little unassuming vehicle was the historical beginning of my fuel injection knowledge.


I drove this car from June 1991  until July 2007, sold to a new home in Kansas, equipped with a 1994 Camaro 3.4L V6 installed in June 2002.

With my experience on the Skylark, I found that many of the same troubleshooting flow charts and systems were also common to the 5.0 and 5.7L TPI V8's. My 1978 Camaro's engine was tired and need of a replacement, and it was from here that I decided to go fuel injected. I went from not knowing anything about fuel injection to being confident enough to tackle this project.

I was not going to be satisfied with just another cookie-cutter 350-4 bbl. engine!


Me and my Camaro July 2, 2000. Getting ready to drop in my TPI engine.

So began my quest from scratch, my journey begins.......................

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