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I am offering these LS1/LS6/Vortec 4.8-5.3-6.0L  harness/pcm combination now on my web page.

 Harness ONLY:   $379.99 + $20.00  shipping and insurance with signature confirmation ( 50 United States of America only). Shipping to Canada is $45.00. 

 Harness/PCM combo:   $489.99 + 20.00 shipping  and insurance with signature confirmation ( 50 United States of America only). Shipping to Canada is $45.00. 

* If you do not have the coil pack harness, I can build these into the harness for a neater appearance.

NOTE: Support for the DBW (Drive By Wire) is available BUT you must have the correct throttle body, TAC module AND pedal for the model year engine. This is an extra cost option to supply ONLY the connections to the DBW devices.





 I  accept payment through  Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, or  personal check (subject to holding for clearing my bank), USPS Postal Money Order or Cashiers Check (U.S.A. only). See shopping cart button link at the end of this page for instant payment. 

Contact- My email address is, this is the only means of reaching me, I will answer all emails promptly dealing with  purchase and support after the sale. 

Mailing address- Leonard Sparks, PO BOX 30441. Midwest City, OK 73140. 


This is a  reconfigured harness,  custom built to put a 1997-2004 Camaro/Firebird LS1-Corvette LS1/LS6 or 1999-2006 Vortec 4.8-5.3 or 6.0L  in an older non computer vehicle, with a  Turbo 350/400, 200R/700R, 4L60E or Manual Transmission. If you are looking to put a 21st century power plant in your older classic, this is the ticket. 

This harness retains all the functions as a stock harness  allowing to run only the front O2 sensors (left and right) which is required. All other non emission functions will be programmed out of the PCM, IF you are legally allowed to run a non-emission LS1-Vortec V8.The VSS is also required. 


The centerline of the pcm connectors  to the centerline of the engine is 50 inches, you must measure carefully to allow for proper installation. I can build  the harness to up to 70" maximum, and I will need to know where you plan to mount the computer (pcm).

The harness is wrapped in OEM spec ET501 dry vinyl taped rated to 125C.

All connections are labeled!

IMPORTANT!!! Click here for information on pcm location help.

All factory standard connectors for the GEN III is provided:


BE AWARE OF OTHERS SELLERS ONLY SELLING "PARTIAL" HARNESSES! - No DLC, Fuel Pump Relay, Fan Relays etc, and hit you with hidden charges!

Other items that are available, at no additional costs!

(1) Differences between the fuel injector connectors: the Bosch style is on the left, the Vortec Gen III 4.8, 5.3 and 6.0L  connectors on the right side (see picture).  (2) The differences between the MAF sensors are in next picture: 3 pin MAF and the 5 pin (right side) that uses the integrated IAT sensor. (3 & 4) Differences for the coil connectors ( LS1 style on the left, Vortec/LS2 coil)


1                                         2                                                        3                                   4

I will also need to know the style of O2 sensor connector  you are using (see picture below). If you don't have your O2 sensors, the flat plug design connectors will be incorporated in your harness unless otherwise specified.  NOTE: This is the O2 sensor side. 

1 year  Warranty is provided for covering repairs due to workmanship only. Does not cover wrong application, misuse, abuse or alterations, wrong installation practices, wiring installed by purchaser to complete installation  or lack of knowledge on the part of the purchaser/installer.  All connections are  crimped/soldered  or twist- soldered to insure a positive long lasting termination.


Also included is the pcm (service number 12200411) with the programming for a STOCK 1997-2003 LS1, LS6, 1999-2003 Vortec 4.8, 5.3, 6.0L engine, with all the unnecessary codes deleted. No custom programming! 

            NOTICE                                                                   NOTICE                                                          NOTICE   

Later year engines from 2004 through 2006, use a different pcm with different calibration formats and must be purchased separately to match engine year. These can be purchased through me, but there is limited availability, please contact me first before purchase.

NOTICE!  I will need to know the following information, without it I cannot properly program the pcm to run efficiently. 


 MY PCM's are NOT locked, so you can do your own programming if desired in the future!

Installation instructions on CD is included, over 70 pages of basic installation and troubleshooting information.


Since this is a custom item, please allow up to 3 weeks   to ship. Thank you. This is NOT a factory replacement harness. The harness picture is representative, varies based on the type of options.


Payment: You will be taken to the secure page of Paypal to make your payment either through Paypal or Major Credit Card. Your personal information will never to revealed to me or anyone else.

NOTE: To provide quick service and prompt customer attention, this page may become inactive from time to time, to allow time between harness builds, for life, family and work. Thank you for your business and understanding.

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