Troubleshooting Flow Chart Pages

These codes are basically the same for all the TBI, CFI, MPFI engines that are OBD I (1982-1995).

               No Scan Circuit Check

               No Check Engine Light

               No ALDL data, Check engine light on steady

               Engine cranks but does not run

               Fuel pump relay circuit

               Fuel system problem diagnosis

               Hard Start  (Cold Start Valve circuit test)  1985-88 only

               Code 13  (O2 sensor)

               Code 14 (Coolant Temp. Sensor) High Temp. indicated

               Code 15 (Coolant Temp. Sensor) Low Temp. indicated

               Code 21 (TPS) High voltage indicated

               Code 22 (TPS) Low voltage indicated

              Code 23 (MAT) Low Temp. indicated

               Code 24  Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)

               Code 25 (MAT) High Temp. indicated

               Code 32 EGR problem diagnosis

              Code 33 Mass Air Flow (MAF)  gm/sec high

               Code 33 Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) high v., low vacuum

              Code 34 Mass Air Flow (MAF)  gm/sec low

              Code 34 Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) low v., high vacuum

              Code 35 Idle Speed Error Detected

               Code 36 MAF burn off diagnosis

               Code 41 Cylinder select error

               Code 42 Electronic Spark Timing (EST) diagnosis

               Code 43 Electronic Spark Control (ESC) diagnosis   1985-89 TPI

               Code 43 Electronic Spark Control (ESC) diagnosis   1990-92 TPI

               Code 44 O2 sensor, lean exhaust indicated

               Code 45 O2 sensor, rich exhaust indicated

               Code 46 VATS (Vehicle Anti-Theft System)

               Codes 51, 52, 55- ECM related error codes

                Code 53  System over voltage

               Code 54 Fuel pump low voltage indicated




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