Warranty for one year and is only for the original purchaser only, from the date of purchase.  Warranty does not cover labor for installation and removal, nor for damages (either incidental or consequential) or for parts arising from such labor, nor does it cover any costs incurred by the purchaser or  third party affiliate  for troubleshooting and repair of any system, including the fuel management peripheral  systems. Warranty only covers manufacturers’ defects in construction of the fuel management wiring harness. Does not cover pcm, BUT,  it is up to the discretion of the seller to determine whether or not the problem may be due to a corrupted software load and will work with purchaser in rectifying the problem, up to swapping the pcm with fresh software loading.  This DOES NOT cover engines that have been modified from factory stock equipment, including cam changes, exhaust modifications, super or turbo charging, changes in fuel pressure or injectors ratings that are not stock to the engine or intake manifold changes that are not factory stock, or non-standard parts that were not originally part of the original equipment design, such as charging and starting system modifications).  The purchaser realizes and assumes any and all responsibility if any modifications are made and is aware that this may require custom tuning which is not the responsibility of the seller to rectify any changes that the purchaser has made to his/hers power train (engine AND transmissions modifications). The warranty will be voided if the purchaser makes any wiring changes or corrections (including but not limited to, splicing, taps, wiring corrections).  If the purchaser feels there is a problem or error, he/she will be directed to contact the seller to receive instructions to determine the problem before returning the harness for repair. Shipping costs will be refunded if it is determined the fault lies with the seller only.  Under no circumstances is the purchaser to make the suspected corrections themselves.  Since this is a custom harness, every effort will be made to rectify or replace the harness, but no refunds, either part or whole, will be given. This warranty statement can be modified at any time without prior consent or notification to any party involved.  Claims must be made within the first 365 days of purchase, not the date of delivery or for the date of installation.  Use contact email chevythunderman@gmail.com for instructions on mailing.

 By clicking the "purchase" button, the purchaser has read, understands and accept the terms of warranty.

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